Animal Welfare

Dog Control

Under the provisions of the Control of Dogs Act, 1986, the Local Authority is responsible for the control of dogs in the County of Roscommon.

All dog owners are required by law to have a current dog licence. A person may purchase an annual dog licence, a lifetime licence or general dog licence.

Licence TypePurchase fromCost 
Dog LicenceLocal Post Office€20.00Annually
Lifetime  Dog LicenceLocal Authority€140.00Licence for lifetime of the dog
General Dog LicenceLocal Authority€400.00Annually for an unspecified  number of dogs

Below are the Charges with effect from 1st January 2014

Cost of re-claiming a restricted breed€100 + Kennel Charge 
Cost of re-claiming a dog    €10( if already have dog licence but no microchip) + Kennel Charge
Cost of re-claiming a dog    €30 ( if no dog licence or micro-chip) + Kennel Charge
Cost of re-homing€50 (includes micro-chipping and dog licence)
Surrender Fee      €50 per dog
Kennel Charge€15 per day from 2nd day onwards
RCC Will not re-home a restricted breed 

The Dog Breeding Establishments Act was enacted in 2010. A “Dog Breeding Establishment” means a premises at which bitches are kept, not less than 6 of which are-

a)    More than 6 months old, and

b)    Capable of being used for breeding purposes, but shall not include a local authority dog pound.

Refer to Dog Breeding Establishment Guidelines issued by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

Application Forms

·        Registration of Dog Breeding Establishments

·        Lifetime Dog Licence Application Form

·        General Dog Licence Application Form.

General Licence Application Form.pdf (size 51.1 KB)

Lifetime Dog Licence Application Form.pdf (size 51.1 KB)

Application Form to Register for Dog Breeding Est-Further Applicants.pdf (size 13.2 KB)

Application Form to Register for Dog Breeding Est.pdf (size 18.8 KB)

Dog Breeding Guidelines.pdf (size 148 KB)

Roscommon County Council Policy on Control of Dogs and Dog Breeding Establishments.pdf (size 419.7 KB)

Dog Breeding Establishment Public Register.pdf (size 197.4 KB)

For  further information, contact  are available from Corporate Services Section.

Contact: Corporate Services Section Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, County Roscommon, F42 VR98. Telephone: (090) 6637156


Dog Pound Opeining Hours.pdf (size 225.5 KB)


Veterinary Services

Roscommon County Council operates a service contract with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (F.S.A.I.). Under this contract Roscommon County Council has agreed to provide veterinary supervision of the domestic abattoirs and Stand Alone Meat Manufacturing Plant in the county. The Food Safety Authority is a national regulatory body responsible for protecting consumers by ensuring that food consumed, distributed, marketed or produced in Ireland meets the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. The supervision of abattoirs is carried out by the County Veterinary Officer Michael Leyden, and Temporary Veterinary Inspectors (T.V.I.). All animals are inspected ante-mortem to ensure they are healthy and fit for slaughter and the traceability is verified. All slaughtered animals are inspected post-mortem to ensure the meat is fit for human consumption. All passed meat is stamped with a health mark consisting of a triangle with the word approved, the county letters RN and the approval number of the premises where it was killed. Locally produced meat is a high quality, fully traceable product from young animals with a short food chain from farm to fork.

Contact: Michael Leyden

Veterinary Officer

Corporate Services Section

Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, County Roscommon, F42 VR98.

Telephone: 090 6637382