Civil Defence

Ray Dunne, Civil Defence Officer

Mr Ray Dunne, Roscommon Civil Defence Officer

Civil Defence is a national community organisation that relies solely on the commitment and dedication of local volunteers. Central and Local Government finance the organisation. It is a multi-disciplined force and is always part of the local Authorities response to emergencies, and as a backup to the other emergency services.

The primary role of the Organisation is the saving of lives and the alleviation of suffering in times of war. Its secondary role is to assist at emergency and non-emergency situations during peace time.

Roscommon County Council is responsible for the civil defence service in the county. The Council's Civil Defence Officer, Mr Ray Dunne, is based in the Courthouse, Roscommon, and all other Civil Defence personnel are volunteers.


Civil Defence members are volunteers who are very dedicated and highly committed to the idea of community service, and work in a structured and disciplined way under the direction of the Civil defence Officer. They attend regularly at training classes and exercises where they learn and practice a variety of useful skills including:

  • First Aid
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Land and Water Search
  • Emergency Feeding
  • Evacuee Care
  • Radio Communications
  • Boatmanship

For further information contact:
Mr Ray Dunne, Civil Defence Officer,
Courthouse, Roscommon, F42 YH48.
Telephone: 090-6637206