Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is primarily responsible for:

  • Recruitment and deployment of staff
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • Equality and Diversity Management
  • Industrial/Staff Relations
  • Workplace Partnership
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll Administration

Roscommon County Council recognises that staff are the most valuable resource within the organisation and play a crucial role in the achievement of its objectives. The County Council aims to enable all of its employees to grow to their full potential through continual training and participation in the planning and delivery of high quality services.


Excellence Through People

Roscommon County Council is accredited with the Excellence Through People Award. The Council benchmarks its Human Resources Development function against the standards required to obtain accreditation under the Excellence Through People Award programme. Excellence Through People is Ireland's national standard for Human Resources Development. It is presented to organisations that operate a Human Resources Development system which aims to achieve excellence through the training, development and involvement of its workforce. In order to qualify for the award an independent assessment is carried out on an organisation's investment in employee training and development, communication and consultation with its workforce and in the strategic and operational planning of its services. Roscommon County Council has successfully completed the necessary assessments to achieve the Excellence through People Award.

Staff Training and Development

Roscommon County Council is committed to substantially investing in the training and development of its employees. This commitment ensures that staff have the necessary competencies to enable the County Council deliver a quality service to the public. In order to achieve this aim Roscommon County Council:

  • Conducts training needs analyses on an annual basis
  • Prepares Annual Training and Development Plans
  • Delivers a substantial training programme, using internally and externally sourced trainers, focusing on a wide range of areas including customer service, communications, health and safety, information technology, human resources management, performance management, financial management, change management, project management, attendance management, procurement, dignity at work, child safeguarding, professional and technical expertise and vocational skills
  • Systematically carries out an on-going evaluation of training and development activity


Performance Management and Development System (PMDS)

The Human Resources Department co-ordinates the operation of a Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) in Roscommon County Council. PMDS is concerned with ensuring that strategic objectives contained in the County Council's Corporate Plan are translated into operational objectives for teams and individual employees throughout the organisation. The Corporate Plan is used a foundation to generate Team Development Plans (TDPs) within every department and this in turn leads to the creation of Personal Development Plans (PDPs) for every employee. These plans contain goals, targets and timeframes that are designed to ensure that staff in the organisation contribute effectively to delivering a quality service to the public. PMDS also places considerable emphasis on identifying the training and development requirements of staff in order to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary competencies to meet the organisation's aims and objectives.

Equality and Diversity

Roscommon County Council is committed to the principles of equality of access, participation and outcome for all in relation to service delivery and the Human Resource function. The County Council endeavours to ensure that all citizens are treated equally and are not discriminated against on any of the grounds identified in the equality legislation.

Industrial Relations

The Human Resources Department works with Unions and Staff Representatives to achieve good working relationships and is committed to the promotion of a good Industrial Relations environment.

Workplace Partnership

Workplace Partnership is concerned with the implementation of initiatives that are considered to be beneficial in terms of simultaneously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Roscommon County Council and the quality of the working lives of its employees. It aims to involve management, unions and employees at all levels dealing with a wide range of issues of strategic and operational importance through processes such as communications and consultation, joint problem solving and consensus decision-making. A considerable range of projects have been completed through the Workplace Partnership process in the areas of training and development, human resources policies and procedures, health and safety, employee welfare, workplace review and internal and external communications.