National Broadband Plan Latest News


National Broadband Plan Latest News 5th April 2017

from the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment


On 4th April 2017 the Department announced the publication of an updated High Speed Broadband Map.

The new map includes over 300,000 premises that will now get commercial High Speed Broadband by the end of 2018. 84,500 premises have been moved from the BLUE to the AMBER areas.

This represents a major milestone in the National Broadband Plan and means that at least 1.8m premises will have access to High Speed broadband by the end of 2018. 

It also finalises the State Intervention Area for the procurement process so that bidders can prepare their tenders.  

The Map has been updated to take account of industry investments that have not fully materialised in the BLUE area, along with concrete and credible commitments by industry for further new investments (LIGHT BLUE).

Interactive Map

The Map can be found at the following location:

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The High Speed Broadband Map identifies locations and premises as being AMBER, BLUE or LIGHT BLUE. 

  • AMBER areas - which are the target areas for the State Intervention of the National Broadband Plan. The Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce has identified measures in the short term to improve broadband connectivity including in the Amber areas and work is underway to implement these measures.                  
  • BLUE areas - where commercial operators are delivering or have indicated plans to deliver high speed broadband services. Operators are continuing to enhance their services in these areas to improve access to high speed broadband and to increase speeds to meet consumer demand and customer requirements.   Please contact us at to let us know if you cannot get High Speed Broadband from the providers in your area.    
  • LIGHT BLUE areas - new areas where commercial operators have committed to concrete plans to deliver high speed broadband in rural areas. The commercial rollout to these areas is primarily Fibre to the Home (FTTH). By 2018, all homes and businesses in these Light Blue areas can expect significant improvement to their broadband services.

You can find your premises on the interactive map by:

1) Entering your Eircode, use Eircode Finder tool   or  2) Entering your address in the search box   or   3) Zooming in on the map.


If your premises footprint is not on the map please let the Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) know.