Public Lighting

A public lighting maintenance contract for the Connaught region to include the administrative areas of all five counties was awarded to Electric Skyline Ltd. with effect from 1st December 2011. Public lighting faults can now be logged online by the public at or Lo-Call 1890328587 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily. Faults can also be logged by text to 087 1955076 at any time. 

Night patrols are carried out by Electric Skyline Ltd. on a regular basis throughout the County to identify any lights that may be out of commission. Repairs are carried out on an ongoing basis throughout the year. 

The Council continued to upgrade it’s public lighting inventory during the year within the resources available and completed a new retrofit scheme of LED lights in Castle Street, Roscommon.


Report a Faulty Street Light

Maintenance and energy costs of public lighting is met substantially from the Councils own resources. Electric Skyline Ltd. maintains the public lighting in County Roscommon. To report public lighting outages and/or faults please contact Electric Skyline at 1890 FAULTS (328587) or click here to fill in fault log.

electricSkyline log a fault.

Text: 0871955076 text a fault straight to our Dead Sure Administer.


LO-Call: 1890 FAULTS (328587) call between 8am and 6pm to log a fault.


Please include as much of the following information when reporting a fault:

  • The number on the pole
  • The town or village and street name
  • The location of the light (for example, outside house number 10)
  • Your name and contact number
  • The type of fault
Residents of private housing estates (roads not taken in charge by the County Council) should report faults to the developers.