Notification to Existing & Potential Suppliers to Irish Water


Irish Water are in the process of establishing new operational frameworks as the old frameworks are due to expire. This results in a requirement for all Existing and Potential suppliers to Irish Water/ Water Services having to tender to get on a framework which is relevant to the scope of works/ services/materials they currently provide or intend providing to Irish Water. 

Following on from a letter issued to existing suppliers by Irish Water Procurement in February, we wish to remind you that existing suppliers and potential new suppliers, who wish to provide services to Irish Water for the following categories will be required to tender directly to Irish Water for the relevant works, services and supplies. 

The following categories have been issued to date: 

  • Sludge and Waste Management Services (PQQ issued in March)

  • Lab services, Consumables and Equipment (PQQ issued in March)

  • Chemicals (ITT issued in August) 

The remaining categories listed below are due to be issued in near future: 

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Supply of Aggregates

  • Sewer Jetting and Tank Cleaning Services

  • Supply of materials – Pipes, Valves, Road Surface Furniture 

In order to ensure that all procurement activity is conducted in line with public procurement rules, Irish Water are in the process of establishing new frameworks to replace existing frameworks as they expire. 

Frameworks will be advertised via e-tenders. Details of how to apply for each framework will be contained within the notice and it is a public procurement requirement that you complete all required documentation within the advised timelines. Failure to do so could result in you not qualifying to continue to supply goods or services to Irish Water. 

Details of how to register for e-tenders and set up automatic alerts can be found on:

If you have any queries please contact   


Fiona ni Chuinn

Senior Executive Officer

Water Services Section

8th September 2016